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I live in Denver and enjoy the outdoors. Family is around me, and the undisturbed environment of Colorado is a wonderful backdrop and a valuable natural resource for everyone here. As for my livelyhood I am an Electrical Engineer (EE) with extensive experience in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software tools, particularly the aspects of design validation and testing of digital circuits to keep everyone's phones and computers operational. I am a member of HKN and IEEE and an active participant in the development of standards under the IEEE (IEEE is the professional society for EE's - the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers)

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Home Address: 1335 Dexter Street, Denver, CO 80220

I have co-authored a technical book on an IEEE standard format for the testing of digital components. The book, Elements of STIL, is available from Kluwer Academic Publishers. Please go here for more information about the book.

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